May 29, 2023

Advertising Measurement: SEO, SEM, Display Media

Advertising measurement has evolved in recent years from just measuring last click to trying to understand the entire path to the purchase funnel. Attribution modeling and cross-device conversion behavior have been very important topics to advertising measurement and optimization. Picking the right model and most accurate way to align to your conversions takes some experienced professionals.

Experience with Search (SEM) Measurement
Measuring search is not just about keywords and search queries. There is more complexity with shopping ads, mobile ads, ad extensions and driving users to convert. Conversions can take place online or in your brick and mortar location. Each one of these should be a different approach to measurement and optimization. Your efforts should also not be excluded at the conversion level but be thinking customer lifetime value with remarketing and remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA).

Display Media Campaigns
Working extensively with DoubleClick Ad Server DCM and DBM Demand Side Platform, we know how to use their tags to create a measurement strategy around your display campaign goals. Display advertising optimization is processing Raw DoubleClick data and optimizing the media to drive effectively to your website, physical store location, or engaging with your brand. No matter what your goal is for display advertising there is a great way to set up custom measurement to measure success. We have a list of metrics we use to optimize against various campaign types.