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Chicago Analytics Education

Organizations are strategically competing on analytics and strategy, but not every company is in the same place. In many organizations, analytics is a culture change. It takes time and strategy to become an analytics competitor. Many organizations have analytics in department silos.

Your organization, large or small, can be anywhere on this spectrum depending on your culture and management staff.  Many organizations start out with Web Analytics by installing Google Analytics, hire a junior analyst and six months later find themselves in a bind. The junior analyst cannot take the organization to the next stage of analytics capability, they don’t have the knowledge of back-end databases, business intelligence infrastructure or marketing strategy. This is why Analytics Education is important.

Your team can spend time sending your analysts to training and seminars that can be helpful. In our mind, it is a lot easier for us to help guide your analysts in the right direction and support them to success. If you consider how important “time to insight” is, this is a Win/Win strategy for all.

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