December 2, 2023

Google Analytics 4: Implementation & Audit

To be successful, you need a quality implementation and KPIs plan

Account: The account has to be reviewed by professionals, many standard features do not benefit GA4 users. Especially those who migrated their GA UA property to GA4 with the wizard. Connections need to be created to your external accounts like Google Ads, Search Console, Data Streams, Audiences etc. Perhaps the most important setting is the data retention configuration.

Code: Many sites have legacy ga.js tags, and media tags, still left on their pages. The cleaner your code is the faster your site loads and improves the UX for your users. A quality data layer is the most important function of a professional website. The data layer is there to create custom metrics, eCommerce metrics, and user metrics, that are close to your website’s goals. Even though you can scrape data from Google Tag Manager GTM into your GA4 account, this is not a professional approach. At any moment CSS or Javascript tags may change and your GTM scraping will fail to send data into your GA4 account missing critical information.

Data Quality: If the data layer, GTM or GA4 is set up incorrectly your account will get many (not set) event values. Bad data, low-quality information, no custom variable implementation toward your goal will not help you become data-driven. Your site needs to tell you what channels users come from, what events were triggered, and if they converted. If you don’t have a quality signal of user engagement, purchase intent, and conversion then your site is not going to help you create revenue.

Conversions & Events: When 312 Analytics goes through an implementation or an audit we create a document called an SDR, Standard Definition Reference. This document is for you to have and reference any custom variables, goals, or tagged events that were set up. This same document is available in our multi-point audit checklist to make sure you are capturing your conversions and engagement events.

Lastly, we make sure you are GDPR/CCPA compliant with your tags and fully able to collect the valuable information in GA4. Schedule some time to discuss your needs here.