December 2, 2023

Web Analytics Services: Reporting, Insights, Dashboards

Web Analytics is an expertise area for me having worked on some of the major platforms on the market today (Omniture, Google Analytics 360, WebTrends, Coremetrics).  My expertise is agnostic to the platform and focused on getting value from the web analytics data based on business goals.

312 Analytics Google Certified

  • Reporting 
  • Ad-Hoc hypothesis analysis
  • Dashboards
  • Creation of custom reports and segments
  • Insights and recommendations
  • A/B testing strategy

Web Analytics Platform Audit
I have encountered numerous cases where their platform implementation was an out of the box solution. These implementations rarely align with all of your organizational goals as organizations grow. Auditing your current tags and suggesting additional tagging that aligns with your business goals is the right approach to making sure measurement matches the tagging.

Custom Segments Insights
Your clients are unique, and consume different content on your website. My experience is to capture insights from these special segments and provide your team with insights and ideas on how to reach these audiences better. I have created valuable reports, presentations and ideas on how to reach your most profitable segments.

Executives want to see summary metrics of how business is doing. This means an easy to understand dashboard is an invaluable communication tool between your teams. However, dashboards that we create have the ability to double click into the reports to see what is affecting your summary metrics.

Insights and Recommendations
I have been optimizing websites, and mobile pages for over ten years. We have extensive expertise in landing page optimization. Therefore, our web analytics insights and recommendations are based on changes that will improve your site. Suggestions are provided in form of A/B testing strategy so that you don’t lose current positive impact on your site.

A/B Testing
The most secure way to move your business is with testing. It is too risky to change things on the website on the fly, yet at the same time you cannot afford not to make improvements. Therefore, we recommend tests that move you forward in a safe way that doesn’t make a radical impact on your business. 

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