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Campaign Measurement and Insights Strategy

Organizations spend millions of dollars advertising and want to understand the ROI (Return On Investment) or ROMI (Return on Marketing Investment). Without a proper strategy to measure campaign effectiveness, neither of those metrics are possible. No web analytics platform comes with an out of the box way to measure ROI!

312 Analytics works with your teams to create a measurement strategy. Our team then helps tag your website and put the tags in place to measure your campaigns. We work with Display campaigns, AdWords, Remarketing, and mobile campaigns. Our last step is ACE Measurement and Insights approach.

Analyze Data
Create Knowledge
Execute Strategy

Our team shares this information with your organization or your Agency of Record. We find the insights that will help improve the Awareness, Engagement, and Conversion for your campaigns. Generally, we create a launch report, monthly reports, and a campaign insights report for our clients.

Contact us and we can collaborate to improve your campaign effectiveness.

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