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Social Media Measurement and Strategy

Many organizations find social media as uncharted waters. A partner that can help you create a strategy to measure your social initiatives can bring piece of mind. Social media is not just about tweets, mentions, likes, and video views. Social Media is about how the media affects the perception of your organization.

Web Analytics Platforms Social Measurement
Google Analytics, Omniture come with a social listening tool and how it affects your online conversions. Our internal experts know how to use those tools to find the tweets, facebook posts, blog entries or YouTube videos that had the best performance.

Social Listening Tools
There is an abundance of online listening tools that can be used for your business. Most of them are analyzing volume, sentiment, or word clouds. Others measure how the tweets resonate via influential online individuals and the tweet sentiment. No matter what your social goals are, we know the right tools that can be used to measure them.

Data Mining of Social Media
When enough data is collected from your web analytics platform and social listening tools. The final peace of the puzzle is which source improved the goals of your organization. 312 Analytics uses the latest data mining technology to answer those tough questions. Our goal is to find the causal relationships between social media and your organizational goals and provide a strategy to optimize efforts.

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