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Custom DashboardsIn a world where your business processes are as complex as the clients you are trying to service, an out-of-the box dashboard solution is not the answer. Executives are flooded with work, and analysts are drowning in data. There is not enough time to spend digging through data and the need for instantaneous insights has become a true challenge in business today. The clear answer to these challenges is a dashboard that provides important at-a-glance metrics to executives and allows analysts to dig deeper into results.

For the Executive
Executives do not have time to understand what is happening, how it is happening, or how to fix it. The executive dashboard needs to show the few important metrics, trends, and answer the questions of “how is my business doing.” It cannot breach the executives attention span, yet it has to be informative enough that it is used and adopted.

For the Analyst
The dashboard reports need to match custom reports that allow analytsts to quickly find insights for executive questions. The dashboard “King” needs to be supported by custom reports “subordinates” to make the custom ecosystem complete. Creating a custom ecosystem for your company allows for synergy to resolve problems by the analysts and making executives happy with company results. This structure alleviates most of the need to dig through raw data and find the reasons for why dashboard results are changing.

Change is Constant
The analytics and business environment is constantly changing. Analysts come and go, but the dashboard and custom report ecosystem stays. This setup allows for an easier training of new employees to maintain data flowing to executives. We believe the ecosystem can save your company thousands of dollars in the long run. Organizations spend millions of dollars to create Big Data, custom dashboards focus on metrics that matter. Dashboards and custom reports can be updated at any time to add more metrics that matter. This creates a constant and evolving business lifecycle that is fed by insights.

Free Business Intelligence DemoBusiness Intelligence Demo
A few weeks ago we launched our first business intelligence dashboard. We are really excited to innovate this software product and show the current features that make this product great. Our focus has always been on Simplicity, Interactivity and Mobility. That is what makes this dashboard product one of a kind and easy to integrate and customize for any vertical.