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Custom Reports and Dashboards

Web analytics platforms and databases are not configured to match your organization’s growing number of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Your organization needs an analytics partner that can help create reports and dashboards that will help you make decisions on campaign performance. The end goal is a consistent plan to optimize your dollars spent on advertising and create a business intelligence infrastructure.

iphone business intelligence dashboardWe have created a reporting structure that measures the Lift of your campaigns that is statistically relevant. This means, all you have to do is look at one metric and easily decide if that source, keyword, landing page is working well or needs optimization. We then work with your team to create insights using our ACE Measurment and Insights approach to suggest strategic changes to your campaigns.


We are experts at building Simple, Interactive and Mobile dashboards. Our dashboards are built specifically for business intelligence. This means all metrics are “at a glance” metrics that can be interpreted quickly and easily. Our graphs and charts are interactive and users can drill into the graph to get quick insights. Each dashboard product is mobile and you can access it on your desktop, iphone, or tablet device. ┬áSee sample dashboard below:

Business Intelligence Dashboard