September 21, 2023

Big Data: Obtaining The Value of Text Analytics

Text analytics is the latest tool that can be mined for business intelligence. Sources such as blogs, websites, twitter, word documents, PDF documents, and comment fields in customer service databases can be leveraged for value. Output of text can be categorized,  interpreted with sentiment analysis and used as a concept web (image below). There is an incredible amount of value in text mining, and with that value comes the cost of doing the work. Below are items you must maintain to get the full value out of text analytics.

Text Analytics Concept Web

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Our Business Intelligence Dashboard is Live

iphone business intelligence dashboardIn the last 6 months we have been focusing solely on becoming experts in dashboard design. The dashboard we created has three very important features Simple, Interactive, Mobile. I believe these features are what will drive future success of our dashboard product. The business intelligence behind our dashboards are the metrics that matter and provide at-a-glance informative information. Our design can be customized to almost any vertical.

Simplicity in the dashboard is about quick at-a-glance metrics that provide insight. Our dashboard information is meant to be scanned much faster than reading text. We explicitly avoid meaningless data by focusing on the few metrics that matter to your business.  [Read more…]