• vlad @ 312analytics.com

Our Business Intelligence Dashboard is Live

iphone business intelligence dashboardIn the last 6 months we have been focusing solely on becoming experts in dashboard design. The dashboard we created has three very important features Simple, Interactive, Mobile. I believe these features are what will drive future success of our dashboard product. The business intelligence behind our dashboards are the metrics that matter and provide at-a-glance informative information. Our design can be customized to almost any vertical.

Simplicity in the dashboard is about quick at-a-glance metrics that provide insight. Our dashboard information is meant to be scanned much faster than reading text. We explicitly avoid meaningless data by focusing on the few metrics that matter to your business. 

The graphs we choose in our dashboards are interactive. These are basic analytical tasks that you can perform that allow you to gain instant insight.  Our focus was on the speed of interactivity, even if you are pulling in lots of data, the dashboard interactivity does not slow down on your devices. The interactive graphs can be viewed on your desktop, iphone, ipad and mobile device.

Business Intelligence DashboardMobile
Feel free to log into your dashboard from anywhere, anytime. The design is created so that you can interact with it on your mobile device, and interact with the graphs. This allows you to achieve your business objectives while traveling, in meetings, or at your office.

Back-End Management System
The dashboard also has a back end management system for account management. While your customers get an interactive business intelligence dashboard, your account managers are able to answer any questions they may have. For instance, our media dashboard allows your account management to view all their accounts. Data is set up so that they can answer the most frequent client questions quickly and efficiently. No other system has this back end management that can be utilized for any industry.

We are living in a world that is more data driven than ever before. Executives need data that can be accessed at any moment. Your strategic business units need to find data to optimize your business on a daily basis. Everyone, can benefit from sharing dashboards, data, and achieving success. If you are interested in a demo of the product, please email us.