February 4, 2023

How To Improve Digital Media Return on Investment (ROI)

You just saw a commercial for the nth time and you think to yourself, “doesn’t this company know that they are wasting their advertising money.” This is a stage where your audience is still receiving Impressions, but their propensity to Convert has diminished. There is a name for this phenomenon, and it is called Ad Ware-Out. With digital media, we are very lucky, because we can track when this phenomenon happens and I will tell you how to do so.

advertising ROI bell curveFirst, lets look at how this happens in the digital media return on investment bell curve below. First stage in the curve is Awareness, every campaign has a stage where the customer is becoming aware of your offering.  Awareness, slowly ramps up into a stage that is between the orange and blue bar called Return On Investment. This middle stage, is where most of your revenue is gained as users are aware of your product and are purchasing. [Read more…]

3 Things To Avoid in Media Tagging Strategy

no dataA poor campaign tracking strategy will leave you scratching your head when the report arrives. Discontinuities in your data will make you ask questions that are almost impossible to answer. No floodlight tags, search tags,web analytics platform tags will drive your team crazy. The executive team will want to see ROI (Return On Investment) numbers, and all you will have is impressions, clicks, click through rates, and view-through metrics.

Pitfalls in tagging fall into 3 major groups: lack of tags, too many tags, and not tagging lower funnel actions. Each of these pitfalls is usually due to poor initial strategy or implementation. Campaigns that have a strong measurement and tagging process end up having a better chance at optimizing media towards conversion. [Read more…]

Why Use Custom Floodlight Tags in Digital Display Advertising

Display Media TagsToday’s digital marketing environment is competitive, and not adding tags to your site can blind you to opportunity. Not adding DoubleClick for Advertisers Floodlight/Spotlight tags to your site only provides you with Impressions and Click Through Rates for your campaign. Unfortunately, these days it is not enough to really assess the quality of your campaign performance.

Why Floodlight/Spotlight Tags
These tags are there to track specific engagement and conversion areas of your site. It is not necessary to tag your entire site with floodlight/spotlight tags, but specific aspects of your campaign that relay the message of engagement or conversion. Your digital marketing campaign measurement strategy should have a tagging matrix for these tags.


What Insights Do I Gain?
The addition of Floodlight/Spotlight tags to your display advertising campaign you gain Post Click and Post Impression metrics. Post click metrics provide you with specific engagement or conversion that happened post user clicking on your ad. Post impression metrics are users whom saw your display ad, did not click, and arrived at your site by directly typing it in or doing a Google Search. There is a specific window your display advertising team sets (for instance 30 days), that users can see a display ad and arrive at your site and still be considered a Post Impression Conversion. [Read more…]