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3 Ways To Find Something to A/B Test

Many have questioned what to test. In fact, A/B testing is a growing interest in many organizations where many teams get involved. This makes it quite difficult to control at times as everyone has input on what to test. The following is a way to find tests and prioritize what you should test on your website and mobile apps.

Low Hanging Fruit Method
This method is generally finding the page that performs the worst when it comes to your goals. An eCommerce site it is a page that gets little to no revenue, or transactions. Lead generation websites, it is a page that has a very low form conversion rate. Mobile websites and applications, you want to find the pages with actions that get the least clicks or activities.

Internal Politics Method
As your testing team grows from just your web team, mobile team, corporate communications, and IT. You will find that everyone has an opinion. It is absolutely okay to have a hunch about the audience on your website from every department as it is possible everyone is correct. The goal for this method is to consolidate as many of the ideas as possible into a document and test.

A/B testing is a great way to diffuse internal politics on page designs and what works. Everyone has to agree that the goal of the organization is the goal they are trying to achieve in the tests. Once your team finalizes a few tests and learns from them, it will get easier to create hypothesis about future website tests.

Website Heatmap Method
No matter what website heat map method you have; CrazyEgg, Google Analytics In-Page Analytics, Omniture Heatmap, each one will give you an idea about what is not being clicked on your landing pages. Heat maps will provide you with ideas of what isn’t working on your site and can be improved. This method is most useful for your design team to see as they are the creative juice of your organization and will immediately have ideas. Your testing team, must have experience to curb the amount of ideas and create tangible tests from them.

A/B Testing and Multivariate testing is not just about what to test, and how to test it in a prioritized manner. Your team should be aiming to learn as much as possible from your tests. It is very easy to set up a test that will most likely turn out to be inconclusive as it takes years to master landing page optimization and user experience design. Often times, 312 Analytics will create a testing strategy for clients.

For more information on our A/B testing strategy, contact us and we will be happy to assist.

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