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The goal of any analytics initiative is to provide value. Value is created with data visualizations, insights, and education that enhances client’s goals. However, value does not stop there. The last step is action. No client will be satisfied if analysis is not converted into positive business results.

Analysts have a difficult role as they are in-between the business leaders and technical environments. The communication has to be sound and understood by both business leaders and IT for value to be brought forward.

Analyst's Role in Organizations

Value of Data Visualization

Data visualization is key to quickly showing what is happening for business leaders to interpret. Visualizations have to be easy to interpret  with one point per slide. Too much information deters from the goal, and value can be misinterpreted.

Value of Education
Education helps bridge the gap and explain what is happening, why it is happening, and what can we do to fix the problem.

Value of Action
This may seem obvious, but isn’t as easy as one would believe. After the analyst spends time explaining the results and how to create value, they also have to be ready to take action. Taking action can mean different things for various types of analysis. It could mean any of the following:

  • Adding code to capture new information to drive more business value. In this case the analyst has to have the code ready to provide to IT and manage the QA process of getting the code implemented on the website.
  • Creating new technical environment designs based on insights. This takes collaboration with the creative team to provide a new design based on insight.
  • Testing of insights to make changes to web environments. This requires the use of an A/B testing software and knowledge of how to execute tests.

Goal of analytics may seem simple, but good analysts need many skills to really provide value to their client.

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