• vlad @ 312analytics.com
  1. Educate their teams – analytics is complicated, make sure everyone understands the data they are looking at and where it is coming from.
  2. Be approachable – it’s important to be knowledgeable, but it’s more important to be approachable. Your team needs to be able to ask you questions and get understandable answers.
  3. Don’t fear the system that is collecting data – with so many software choices and options, it can be overwhelming to learn a new system. You should never fear learning a new web analytics platform, CRM System, Social Media Hub, or Mobile Platform. They all collect various data which is key to your success as an analyst.
  4. Seek one version of the truth – data can be manipulated in different ways and achieve various results. Good analysts look for causal relationships in data that allows them to have high confidence in the analysis.
  5. Be curious – listen to your team for key information that is going on in your organization. These can lead to interesting data findings.
  6. Seek 90/10 – 90% of an analysts time should be analyzing data, 10% should be pulling data. This is a very big goal in the industry.
  7. Suggest A/B Tests – sites always need improvement. A/B tests are a great way to move the needle in a positive direction. Good analysts should always be on the lookout for something to test and improve.
  8. Segment – groups of people may behave a certain way with your product, mobile device, or website. Finding these segments and providing them with what they want will create revenue for your organization.
  9. Document caveats – everything has a condition or something important to keep in mind while interpreting the data.
  10. Work with raw data – many systems simplify the analysis for your, but that isn’t always enough to obtain statistical significance. Exporting raw data into an SPSS, SAS or R allows you to obtain insights with statistical significance.

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