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Web Analytics: Think Big, Move Fast

web analyticsWeb Analytics platforms today have many features that allow your organization to gain insights. However, none of these features come with the out of the box implementation. Customization steps  must be employed to answer your business goals. These include customization of code, and customization of your reports and dashboards.

Web Analytics: Think Big
In today’s competitive environment we must think beyond Visits, Page Views, Time on Site and Pages Per Visit. Deployment of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that closely mimic sales is the goal. I fully agree that a visit, page view, is somewhat correlated to a sale. However, just because you visit widgets.com, does not mean you are going to buy a widget.

Move Fast: Web Analytics
Having a dedicated analytics developer will help your organization achieve your goals faster. The uninterrupted time your analyst and developer can spend together getting the right code deployed to your technical environment will pay off dividends. Your analsyst should know exactly what they are looking to capture in web analytics data,  and how that translates to the KPIs of your organisation. The faster the code is deployed, significant data sample is collected, and analysis is conducted, the more your organization gains. This is an advantage we have here at 312analytics, we have on staff analysts and developers who work together to achieve goals.

By reducing the time it takes to create KPIs, Deploy the code, and create insights your organization can gain a significant advantage. Having appropriate organizational processes in place to move fast with web analytics implementation is key. Your web analyst needs to have a keen sense of what the outcome will be of the code deployed, and a vision of how he will process insights from the data.

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