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What is Your Web Analytics Contingency Plan?

web analytics contingency planWeb Analytics Platform Limitations
Every system has it’s limitations. Sometimes you do not arrive at these limitations until you inquire about a specific metric that you need and it is not possible with your current system. It is possible that being on version 8 of a software does not provide you with the ability to capture the metrics that you need but version 9 does.

Cost Benefit Analysis
Next, your team analyses the costs of the software upgrade. The complexity, IT time commitment is sometimes beyond budgets. After consideration, estimation of costs and schedule your team concludes that this project is not feasib

Plan B
For the reasons stated above, it is vital to use multiple web analytics platforms to capture metrics. Many organizations use a WebTrends, Adobe Omniture, or Coremetrics in conjunction with Google Analytics. This provides organizations with multiple benefits:

  • Validation of insights with the secondary system
  • Resolution to the software upgrade cost
  • Resolution to lack of IT dedication and time
  • Ability to add code quickly and efficiently

Plan C
What to do if your original plan fails, and you cannot add Google Analytics?  Many online metrics issues have long been resolved by a vendor software offering. You can find a reputable vendor or blog post to resolve your metric problem. Usually, adding or integrating with the third party partners is not expensive and fairly straight forward.

To mitigate for the risk of not being able to do a costly upgrade, you should already be using two Web Analytics Platforms on your site. Your team or consultant should be trained on using both systems. If you are interested in switching web analytics platforms, or getting a quality analyst, read the following blogs.

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